Advanced Muscle Therapies include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Compression Release with Heat.


Cupping is not a new therapy as it has been used for ages as a traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern practice.  This technique is used during massage to break up adhesions, loosen scar tissue, among other benefits such as increasing blood flow and healing.   


Deep Stone Therapy is a technique using Hot Stones with Deep Tissue Massage for the relief of muscle spasms and trigger points with less stress on the tissues. (This method is different from a typical Hot Stone Massage.)


Pain Relief Massage eliminates or reduces pain from soft tissues by interrupting the ongoing pain cycle. It deactivates trigger points, increases range of motion, and improves blood flow to facilitate the healing of injured tissues. 


Relaxation Massage is offered by various methods including a full body Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, and a combination of hands-on techniques with Hot Stones.  


Stretching is done in an assisted way where our therapist can identify and properly assist, move, and hold stretches that will help increase your body's movement and ability to heal.


Trigger Point Therapy is a technique where compression is applied. Chronic pain can be debilitating and needs attention.  At Trilogy Massage we have a Therapist who spent 13 years working with a Neurologist to relieve and manage clients' pain.

Per Massage Prices:

60 minutes  -  $75

90 minutes - $115



Discounted Package Prices: 
(Can be shared within your immediate family.)

3 sessions/ 60 minutes - $210
6 sessions/ 60 minutes - $390

4 sessions/ 90 minutes - $420

CANCELLATION POLICY: Because we are an appointment-based business and generally set aside an hour or more of our time for each client, we require a minimum of 24 hours' notice to cancel your appointment without consequence. 

Less than 24 notice will be considered a no-show. 



1st no-show will result in a $25 charge.

2nd no-show will result in a full-price charge and a required prepayment for each future visit.

We refer to our Private Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor for your muscle health and maintenance. We also work with and refer to Chiropractors, Physicians. and Physical Therapists.

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Meet Our Therapists:

     Mary Hahn

     Elliott Skinner

    In Loving Memory of 

Jennifer Bauer

We lost a beautiful friend and awesome therapist July 4th in a tragic accident.  Jennifer was an amazing part of our Trilogy Famliy and she will be greatly missed. She was always smiling and encouraging to us all. Goodbye sweet Jennifer, you will be missed. 

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