Mary was injured in an accident leaving her with a jaw injury involving the nerves and muscles on the right side of her face. Though she required jaw surgery and medications for her nerve pain, she also received massage therapy. Massage therapy helped her by decreasing the pain and swelling, releasing the tight muscles surrounding the jaw, and facilitating the healing process. The Neurologist working with Mary included massage therapy as part of her recovery regimen.


"When I first heard that massage therapy as part of my treatment to reduce my migraines and help me with my jaw pain, I was not very confident about the massage process..."


Today, Mary is able to talk and chew normally and her headaches are now manageable.  She still uses massage therapy to help her migraines due to the nerve damage.  "Massage changed my life, I know the power of it and want to help others in pain with my massage knowledge and skills."


Mary Hahn graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is  Board Certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue Techniques as well as Chair Massage and Reflexology 


Trilogy Massage continues to grow.  The client base varies from once-a-month relaxation massages to weekly medical-massage.  


Hot Stone/Deep Tissue Therapy is a key service at Trilogy Massage. This method is different than the typical hot stone therapy.  Hot  Stone/Deep Tissue is a method used in combination to relieve muscle tension. This method of Massage is a technique where hot stones are used during the therapeutic massage.


Trilogy  Massage - Advanced Muscle Therapies



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