TRILOGY - a trio of works seen as a single work

or as three individual works with a connected theme.


Trilogy Massage: where medical massage is used to help each client with their specific needs through techniques for pain relief, improvement of range of motion, and relaxation.

Reduce Muscle Pain & Tightness

Improve Range       of Motion

Maintain Optimal Muscle Health

Trilogy Massage is not your typical massage.

We help clients with muscle pain due to injury, surgery, overuse, and/or stress.


We specialize in

Medical massage and Advanced Muscle Therapies

Our techniques help resolve neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain caused by soft tissue injuries, poor posture, or muscle strain. We focus on problems such as frozen shoulder, sciatica, neck and low back pain, muscle and ligament sprains, adhesions, etc.  We use traditional techniques and combine many techniques for the best results for our clients.


- Cupping

- Compression Release with Heat

- Myofascial Release

- Trigger Point Release


We refer to our Private Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor for your muscle health and maintenance. We also coordinate with and refer to Chiropractors, Physicians. and Physical Therapists.


Trilogy  Massage

Let us help you relieve your pain and stress.

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Let us help you relieve your pain and stress.


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